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If you're a challenger brand – or if you think like one – we're in your corner

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Fisherman's Friend

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We make stuff that involves and solves.

Our Clients

  • NRL
  • Konica Minolta
  • ATC
  • Bertolli
  • Dencorub
  • Adstream
  • Fisherman's Friend
  • Tabasco
  • Thermos
  • Nilfisk
  • Valvoline
  • Reward Insurance
  • nair
  • Curash
  • Gerni
  • Sharp
  • Mentos
  • Freedom
  • Madmex
  • Legrand

Whatever your game, we aim to be your MVP.

About Us

We help challengers to punch above their weight

We use the strategic and creative advantages of Challenger Brand attitude to maximise your performance.

We know how to connect with Australians to drive step-change growth.

We don’t pass to a ‘B team’. Your challenge gets 100% senior thinkers.

We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We’ll even put skin in the game.

Our goal? To deliver you a disproportionate advantage over your competition.

About Us

We make stuff that involves and solves.

That stuff can be ads, apps, stories, products, events … or something else again. But whatever we make, it provokes interaction, emotion, response – because a challenger’s biggest advantage is an involved audience. That’s how we best solve whatever problem, challenge or opportunity is faced by your brand.

Although we’ve been around since the only home screen was a black & white TV, we’ve lasted – because we constantly challenge ourselves too. In 2001 we joined with Hakuhodo, tapping into the brains and backing of one of the world’s top ten communication networks.

The Team

  • Luke1

    Luke Chess

    Creative Director

    Biggest Challenge

    Leaving all the fun, glamour and potential mega-income of semi-professional music for the fun, glamour and actual income of a life in advertising.

  • Scott

    Scott Davis

    Strategy Director

    Biggest Challenge

    With four kids, any day can be a big challenge … but have you ever tried to take four kids on a skiing holiday??

  • Steve

    Steve Davis

    Client Service Director

    Biggest Challenge

    Having to look relaxed, cool and like I knew what the hell what I was doing while surfing … with Kelly Slater.

  • Fiona2

    Fiona Karslake

    Finance Director

    Biggest Challenge

    With a daughter going into her HSC this year, I suspect my biggest challenge is actually ahead of me!

  • Rick2

    Ric Larriera

    General Manager

    Biggest Challenge

    Running an agency is hard. Running a kids’ soccer team is harder. But the hardest thing I’ve ever run is the 2007 New York Marathon.

  • Paul

    Paul McKay


    Biggest Challenge

    Joining the Hakuhodo network has been mutually beneficial. But trying to convey the Aussie notion of ‘underdog’ to the Japanese sure was tricky.

  • Nick3

    Nick Whetham

    General Manager, Digital

    Biggest Challenge

    Speaking on the ’social media revolution' in Karachi, Pakistan. I was given three bodyguards and a bullet-proof car, I guess to help me feel safe?

We’re made up of creative, strategists, marketers, technologists, producers, PR folk, editors … In short, a squad of generalists and specialists working fluidly to help you win with challenger thinking … and action!

Our squad of generalists and specialists develops game-changing solutions.

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Suite 2, Upper Deck, Jones Bay Wharf,
26-32 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Vehicle access is via Bayview St

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Level 2 /710 Collins Street,
Docklands VIC 3008

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