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If you're a challenger brand – or if you think like one – we're in your corner

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Freedom Insurance

That Freedom Feeling


Bertolli Stories


Fresh Cola


Man Like Horsepower


Brand Identity




Finals 2014


All year low prices


For The Love Of Baby's Skin

Mad Mex





The Clean Way to Clean


Rise for Alex

Beak & Sons

Not your common sausage

Fasta Pasta

Decidi Tu


State of Mind 2015


State of Mind 2014

Fisherman's Friend

We make stuff that involves and solves.

Our Clients

  • NRL
  • Konica Minolta
  • ATC
  • Bertolli
  • Dencorub
  • Adstream
  • Fisherman's Friend
  • Tabasco
  • Thermos
  • Nilfisk
  • Valvoline
  • Reward Insurance
  • nair
  • Curash
  • Gerni
  • Sharp
  • Mentos
  • Freedom
  • Legrand
  • Fasta Pasta
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Whatever your game, we aim to be your MVP.

About Us

We are a creative and communications agency for challenger brands.

We relentlessly leverage the strategic and creative advantages of challenger brands, to drive step-change growth. We help brands do more with less in order to fight for share, or to stay top dog.

We believe a challenger brand is a state of mind, not a state of market. It’s an attitude that has nothing to do with size, but has everything to do with an aggressive challenger spirit, and a love of challenging convention. It’s about an ambition to move differently to the establishment style, to zig when others zag.

We have a very independent Australian spirit, whilst enjoying the backing, resources and innovation of Hakuhodo, the 7th largest Communications group in the world.

We are a team of 35 in Sydney and Melbourne, who are part of a team of 3000 worldwide.

We have a specialist social media unit Live247, whose focus is always on real time content generation for our clients.

Our Difference

We use proven challenger principles for developing innovative strategy, creative and engagement solutions.
We focus on commercial effectiveness, not soft results, not awards.
We establish clear ideas on the real challenge, the problem behind the problem.
There is no B team. Your challenge gets 100% senior thinkers and practitioners.
We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We put skin in the game.

Our Philosophy on Challenger Brands

We love challenger brands because they have to do things differently.

They have to involve us and make us question what we thought we knew and liked. They have to excite us and amplify their differences with a fresh voice. They have to be intelligently brave and punch above their weight, or they’ll just fade away.

We believe that everyone has their own unique challenge or obstacle, something that’s keeping them from taking the next step. An obstacle can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be a sales goal, old competitor, new channel, new identity, new threat or just a wave you desperately want to ride.

That’s why we believe in challenger brands. Because our strategic and creative approach stems from ‘thinking like an underdog’, being nimble, resourceful and non-conventional. It’s a way of thinking we pride ourselves on at MJW, and it enables us to imbue others with the same challenger spirit.

We make stuff that involves and solves.

Our People

We’re creatives, strategists, marketers, technologists, producers, PR folk, editors … in short, a squad of specialists working fluidly to develop game-changing solutions.

  • Luke_Chess-250

    Luke Chess

    Creative Director

  • Nick

    Nick Whetham

    General Manager, Digital

  • Steve_Davis-250

    Steve Davis

    Client Service Director

  • Fiona_Karslake-250

    Fiona Karslake

    Finance Director

  • Scott_Davis-250

    Scott Davis

    Strategy Director

  • Paul_McKay-250

    Paul McKay


  • Sanja_Zanelli-250

    Sanja Zanelli

    Senior Account Director

  • Jon_Foye-250

    Jon Foye

    Associate Creative Director

  • Linda_Spina-250

    Linda Spina

    Account Director

  • Dutchy-250

    Eeuwout Baart

    Head of Art

  • Peter_Delaney-250

    Peter Delaney

    Production & Technical Services

  • Emily_Lynch-250

    Emily Lynch


  • Cyrus_Njuguna-500

    Cyrus Njuguna


  • Ella_McGuire-250

    Ella McGuire

    Account Executive

  • Sam_Urban-250

    Sam Urban

    Social Media Executive

  • Felipe_Cairello-250

    Felipe Cairello

    Junior Graphic Designer, Digital

  • Rachael_Cole-250

    Rachael Cole

    Social Media Coordinator, Digital

  • Annabel Livingston

    New Business Executive

  • Tristan_Hay-250

    Tristan Hay

    Brand Director

  • James_Gillespie-250

    James Gillespie

    Art Director

  • Ash Ling


  • Mel Cole


We make stuff that involves and solves.

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